2/20/12 Show

Thanks to everyone who was listening on monday! I had some requests for a set list, I will start posting them on this blog as soon after the show as I can.

Remember you can listen live at WECSRadio.com/stream or on your phone at Live.WECSRadio.com (click WECS 90.1 Live Audio Stream). Of course you can always listen on 90.1FM as well.

Next Show: Monday, February 27, 2012


2/13/12 Show


Today’s show went down pretty well. As it being the first time in the studio, it was pretty successful. I’m starting to throw together next week’s show and I want the listener’s input. Leave a comment here or email me requests and comments. Once again thanks for all the support, only going up from here.

Next Show: Monday, February 20, 2012

Most have this day off so I’m expecting everyone to be tuned in and turned up.