Return To The Studio

I return to the WECS studio tonight at 7pm for another semester of the Electro Hour. New time slot once again, 7-8pm every Friday I will be playing the latest and greatest EDM tracks to start off your weekend. Only a one hour show this fall, but Friday nights are far better than Monday nights. As you can imagine this summer brought us an abundance of new dance music so get ready to turn shit up.

As always I will provide setlists from my show and hopefully I can get my podcast up and running very soon. Here is how you can listen:


2/20/12 Show

Thanks to everyone who was listening on monday! I had some requests for a set list, I will start posting them on this blog as soon after the show as I can.

Remember you can listen live at or on your phone at (click WECS 90.1 Live Audio Stream). Of course you can always listen on 90.1FM as well.

Next Show: Monday, February 27, 2012

2/13/12 Show


Today’s show went down pretty well. As it being the first time in the studio, it was pretty successful. I’m starting to throw together next week’s show and I want the listener’s input. Leave a comment here or email me requests and comments. Once again thanks for all the support, only going up from here.

Next Show: Monday, February 20, 2012

Most have this day off so I’m expecting everyone to be tuned in and turned up.